We put a lot of pride in the talent of our young athletes, knowing we may very well be shaping the stars of tomorrow. But talent only gets you so far. To truly get to the top of your game, you also need the right approach to training. At William Bradley Sports Performance, we’ve done a lot of work with athletes on the youth level at every age, skill level and in every sport. Our youth sports training programs are second to none and we ensure that every young athlete that steps through our doors is met with a dedication to advancing their athletic journey.

Total body coordination

Many promising young athletes begin with a fundamental instinct for body coordination. Many naturally pick up some of the foundational movement patterns that provide the building blocks for athletic success. However, when we aim for total body coordination, we’re aiming to improve the awareness of these patterns and to build the neuromuscular (mind-to-body) link that allows them to call them at will. In the earlier stages, we teach the essential six: the squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, and carry. For more advanced students, we start to introduce how the foundational movement patterns combine in the practical situation of the competition. When they know how everything comes together, they have more than an instinct; they have a competitive edge.

Strength Training

Strength-training requires a delicate hand while an athlete is developing. Depending on fitness levels and age, everyone is at a different stage in their musculoskeletal development. Strength-training is paired with our focus on foundational movement patterns in the beginning. We ensure that form is correct and competence is achieved before we focus on evolving their intensity and complexity. Moreover, we ensure that regardless of the sport, every athlete learns the importance of balancing their strength-training.

Speed and agility

Our speed and agility training uses a mix of the fundamentals learned in the above categories. Strength-training and learning the right way to run can make a huge impact in speed. With agility, it’s all about refining the mind-to-body patterns learned and using them to improve acceleration, deceleration and turning at will, improving the level of bodily control. We tune these routines based on whether an athlete is on-season or offseason, ensuring that we don’t tax a body that’s already being tested for agility on the field.

Stamina and Energy

While speed and agility are about unlocking explosive power for advanced techniques, we know that high-level competition requires players to be in the game for a lot longer depending on the sport. Compound exercises, high-intensity lifting, shorter rest periods, and combining strength and cardio days can all help for the athlete that needs to improve their energy reserves. We know that the highest competitive levels see an athlete through a variety of different situations on the field, so we ensure a diversity of workout to test their stamina threshold and expand it.

Injury Management

No matter what area of development we’re tackling, we always put the focus on minimizing the chances of injury as much as possible. Beyond ensuring that youth athletes in our classes and one-to-one sessions are never over-trained, we teach the importance of full and partial rest depending on the exercise, diet, stretching, warming-up, and warming-down. Too many of our most promising young athletes have a career cut short because the risk of injury is something they were never trained to avoid. We do all that’s in our power to make sure that’s not the case for anyone training with us.

Teamwork and Discipline

Training the body and learning now just the methods but the means behind them teaches youth athletes not only to blindly exercise, but to think about goals and better understand their body. That understanding, in turn, leads to awareness of the importance of training and a discipline to see them through it. We also offer a variety of team challenges that encourage cooperative thinking while engaging with the mind-to-body patterns that will serve them on the field. The best teams have an unbreakable bond and training together, not just side-by-side is an effective way of creating that bond.

Whatever the age, competitive level, physical fitness and discipline of the youth athlete, William Bradley Sports Performance can be crucial in helping them reach the next level. View our class offerings to start planning your youth sports training program. We take youth talent and develop it step-by-step, improving the explosiveness of their technique, the longevity of their athletic careers and their understanding of how their body works both during training and out in the realities of the competitive world. Contact us now to get started.