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Our Culture

TEAL Fitness is a gym where everyone is family, offering you personalized training in a group setting. Fostering relationships with each and every one of our members at TEAL Fitness is what our culture is built on. We take a personal approach to help you reach your fitness goals.


The Coaches

Quinton Teal

Quinton is Co-Owner and Head Coach at TEAL Fitness. Quinton’s love for strength and conditioning runs deep and has had a great influence on his life. As a young football player strength and conditioning became an advantage for Quinton, allowing him to become stronger, faster, and more explosive than the other athletes. This ultimately led to Quinton receiving a Division-1 Football Scholarship to Coastal Carolina University and later a successful career in the NFL. Quinton enjoys using his experience to help the members at TEAL Fitness change their bodies and minds for the better.

Janelle Teal

Janelle is Co-Owner and Head Coach at TEAL Fitness. Janelle enjoys helping the members at TEAL Fitness transform their lives through working out. Janelle prides herself on meeting you where you are in your fitness journey to ultimately help you reach your goals! She is a U.S. Army Airborne Paratrooper Veteran and has been awarded some of the highest physical fitness honors the Army has to offer. She uses her vast experience to help the members at TEAL Fitness in the areas of both physical and mental performance.

Teal Fitness

Success Stories

I’ve worked out off and on since I was a teenager. Some of my off periods were longer than I’m proud to admit. But I’ve been working out at TEAL Fitness for 2.5 years now and that whole on-again, off again cycle has changed. I am in there every day. I’m totally addicted. The format is unique and awesome. EVERY circuit, which changes daily, is challenging. Janelle and Quinton, besides being amazing trainers, cultivate a real community and develop personal relationships with each member. You know they care and will encourage you in each workout so you leave every day proud of what you put in. My old workout cycle isn’t all that’s changed, either. My entire body composition is different. It’s better! I’m stronger, faster, and in the best physical condition of my life.

Brent Wells





Before I found my fitness home with TEAL Fitness, working out was an activity that I would consider if I had spare time, and as a result, I rarely made it to the gym. At the time, I was in college as a full time nursing student with a full time job, and a jam packed schedule. At some point I realized that my energy, mood, and confidence were at all time lows and I knew that I needed a radical change, but I was at a loss for how to fit “me” time into an already busy schedule. This was when I discovered TEAL Fitness and was enticed by the convenience of their thirty-five minute workouts with no class times or contracts and figured that I would give it a try… after all, the first two workouts are free, so I really had nothing to lose. Janelle and Quinton made me feel welcome from the start, and continue to do so, as they are so intentional about creating an environment that welcomes all ages and levels, while being able to modify workouts for any physical limitations if needed.

Fast forward two years, the longest I have ever consistently worked out, and I can not imagine where I would be now if I didn’t take that first step. TEAL Fitness has truly added so much to my life, and is the workout that keeps on giving. I have seen drastic improvements in my sleep, energy, mood, and self-esteem. I never thought I would be one of those people that enjoyed working out, but TEAL Fitness has transformed my perspective and attitude toward fitness and health even outside of the gym. I now prioritize my workouts and actually look forward to this time, because I know that it is an opportunity to invest in my physical and mental health. Words can not express how important and meaningful this gym has become in my life, and I look forward to more growth as I am continually pushed and encouraged to go harder, run faster, and lift heavier. Am I the fastest and strongest person in the gym? No, but that’s not what TEAL Fitness is about. Am I the fastest, strongest, and most confident that I have personally ever been? A million times yes…and that’s what this TEAL Fitness family is all about.

Katherine Kent

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