“This dude knows what he is doing trust me people from experience with the Wenatchee Valley Venom he showed the same training skills to me as a linemen but forgot I was a linemen.”

Brian Pittman

Webatchee Valley Venom

“He taught our kids (speaking of the track team) how to improve their times drastically! If y’all don’t know him, y’all better get to!!!!!”
Richard Burton

Coach, Northern Guilford High School

“Will was the best coach we ever had at Velocity. I would recommend him to any athlete who truly wants to better themselves. He is an even better person than coach which means more to me as a parent.”
Mark Troutman

Director of Tennis, Westwood Swim and Tennis Club

“As a sports parent of two athletes college-bound, for more than a decade, I saw evidence of Will Bradley’s existence in the performance of other athletes my children competed with before actually meeting him. I enrolled my children in his class over one summer and watched their enthusiasm soar and their speed and agility take off. My daughter will be playing college softball this fall, and my son will be the starting high school varsity quarterback. Will continues to show a vested interest in all of his athletes never lacking in personal integrity.”
Angela Stoner


“As a physical therapist that works with athletes, I can honestly say that training with Will Bradley is one of the best things an aspiring athlete can do to prepare themselves and learn how to train properly. Will’s background and expertise in speed training separate him from others in this field. As a parent, I have seen my son become much stronger, agile and faster through working with Will.”
Jeff Leatherman MS


“I’ve trained with William Bradley since 7th grade and I went from being a mediocre soccer player to a scholarship division 1 athlete. He dropped my 40 time from a 5.25 to a 4.74 and he developed my agility from slow and awkward to precise and deadly. A true master in sports performance.”
Hill Gwynn

Soccer Scholarship to UNCG, Graduate of Grimsley High School

“I’ve trained with William Bradley and William Bradley sports performance this past year to really focus on getting faster. Prior to training with Will, I was running high 4.4’s for my 40yd dash. I wasn’t sure how or if he could tweak my performance to reach my potential. From his sports performance expertise and knowledge, we were able to fine tune my capabilities to drop a tenth from my time. I’ve not only gotten faster in my times but better in my mechanics as well! Highly recommend!!!”
Brandon Copeland

Graduate of Page High School and Bridgewater College, Brandon was invited to the Cleveland Browns Rookie Camp out of college

“Shoutout to Will for helping me become a better athlete. I have been rocking with him for about five years now and I must say he has helped me be able to compete at the college level. I have gotten stronger and faster over the years. Everyone hit him up if you really trying to get better and compete at a high level!!”
Brittany Drew

Basketball at Guilford College, Graduate of Page High School