If you’re serious about competing, then speed and agility training is crucial to master. It’s pivotal for runners, basketball players, football players and just about any other sport to be able to push yourself faster and keep your reactions razor sharp. At William Bradley Sports Performance, we’ve been helping athletes of all ages, skill sets and disciplines unlock explosiveness and technique in their game. Our staff of highly trained former athletes have the knowledge and experience to put your at the top of your game.

Speed training to improve explosiveness and technique

There are two kinds of quickness an athlete needs to master and the first is the speed at which they can move. For sprinters, it is the single core skill you need to work on while, in team sports, it helps you outpace your opponents and end up with much more flexibility on the field.

When increasing your running speed, improving both your sprinting ability and your energy levels are crucial. For the former, we can work on high-intensity exercises of quick burst sprints, for instance. With this training, we can help not only condition the body but condition the technique by focusing on how you’re moving your body. Changes in how you run can be the key to unlocking a much faster stride.

Body strength training can be just as important to improving your speed. If you’re underweight, we can work on improving the muscle mass that allows you to effortlessly cover distances in a much shorter amount of time. For running, it’s about much more than the legs, too. We need a series of exercises that target your core, your shoulders, your back, your hamstrings, and more. Complete body control and balance are as crucial to maintaining speed as a powerful pair of legs.

We know that it’s easy to overdo it with sprint training when trying to build speed, so we ensure that you start the road to complete recovery during the session. Running until your legs feel like lead and full of lactic acid won’t help you improve your speed, it will just increase your risks of injury. We ensure that’s not the case.

Agility training to put you ahead of the competition

Agility is the quickness paired with speed to allow for greater overall body control. It’s how you stop, start, and turn on the field. For soccer players, it’s essential for ball control. It’s a key quality in refining foot speed and technique.

As with all our courses and one-on-sessions, how we improve your agility depends on a lot of factors. As well as your age, ability, and current bodily state, whether or not you’re in season will dictate which exercises we use. When you’re in season, after all, you might be getting most of the agility training on the track or field you need, and relying on high-impact exercises might just mean a higher risk of injuring yourself.

When improving agility, we rely on a lot of exercises that can be hard on the body. Plyometric jumps rely on unleashing bursts of explosive power repeatedly for coordinated and balanced landings. Dot agility drills have you increase knee and ankle strength, improving your ability to shift your momentum much quicker.

To ensure that you’re getting the right results from these high-impact exercises, we spend a lot of time focusing on warming up and warming down with stretches and low-impact activities. If you’re off season, you will often be told to take a whole 48 hours without exercise to let not only your body recover but the central nervous system that’s crucial to agility, too.

If you’re off-season, we may focus more on low-impact exercises. You might be doing a lot of starting, stopping, and turning on the field so, instead, we focus on things like medicine ball throws and static stretches.

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Improving your speed and agility can make a massive difference in any sport. Not only can it make you react faster and push harder. It builds further reserves of stamina, keeps your mind sharp and focused, and allows for much more advanced technique in many sports. If you want to take your game to the next level, get in touch with us today or see which group classes best fit your needs.